Our By Owner Flat Fee MLS Services

Thank you so much for helping me sell. I am sorry I called you every other day. You understand the market and I am grateful for your assistance. I will refer you friends and family.

My home sold within one month and it was so worth it. I showed my house 20 times in two weeks and poof I accepted a bid.

Greatest investment I have ever made (not my house, this service.) This service was amazing. It was simple and effective. They know what they are doing.

All I can say is thank you so much. I saved $9,000 and I have to say your service is NO joke. Attention sellers, use this service, well worth it.

I wish I got your flat fee MLS brochure 4 months ago. I wasted a lot of money of FSBO sites before listing with you. Thank you so much for helping me sell. I will be telling everyone about you guys.

Thanks for the great service. I was impressed with the level of service you provide. You saved me lots a money. You guys should charge more.

I had my home listed with a full service agency for 6 months and nothing happened. Then I went with Hillman Real Estate Inc. under the flat fee program and my house in Rhode Island sold within 30 days.

This service makes full service look like a joke. I saved $11,000 and found a buyer in under two months. Amazing. Thank a bunch.

Great service. Outstanding advice. You guys made my year. If it wasn't for you I would have lost my shirt.

I owe you guys big time. I cannot tell you how grateful I am. Those who go full service are without a clue. They are missing out.

I am so excited. You helped us get out of a financial hole. Service was more than I expected. Thank you so much.



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